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Art / Science / Climate Change Talk: Ecological Grief and Optimistic Nihilism

Honolulu based artist and activist Ava Fedorov facilitates an arts - science talk with Chip Fletcher, Victoria Keener and Mary Babcock



A powerful talk story with Honolulu-based artists, scientists and activists Chip Fletcher, Victoria Keener, Mary Babcock and Ava Fedorov. A rich discussion induced by the research and body of work being done in response to disappearing geographies and connecting it to other forms of malady and devastation. Delving into the way these losses and phenomena are affecting every layer of life as we know it, our experience of the earth, and our experience of ourselves. 

Chip Fletcher, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Honolulu Climate Change Commission. A professor and scientist doing crucial research on disappearing/changing shorelines due to climate change and other (primarily) human driven phenomena especially pertaining to Pacific Islands.  

Dr. Victoria Keener, Research Fellow at the East-West Center and the Lead Principal Investigator of the Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences & Assessments (Pacific RISA) program. Dr. Keener also does research on enabling practical applications of climate science for regional decision making. Much of her modeling work uses multivariate time-series analysis and varied spectral methods to identify dominant climate trends in hydrological variables and how they change through time. She is specifically focused on the ecology of waterways and the tender balance that is quickly being lost.

Mary Babcock, Associate Professor, Fiber Area Chair & Graduate Chair at the Universtiy of Hawaii Manoa is a pioneering fiber artist (among other forms of expression), who has been working with the devastating rogue ghost nets that wash ashore. She weaves them into dense and intricate wall hangings that turn our gaze back into the oceanic landscapes, while drawing attention to the harmful, inescapable materials that have become embedded into these environments. Her method is work intensive and thought provoking.

Ava Fedorov, artist, activist, educator and explorer working conceptually with the idea of disappearing or haunted landscapes, using art to shine a light on the issues that most concern her—environmental devastation, extinction and the growing disconnect between humans and "nature"—as both a global phenomenon and as a hyper local one (regardless of location). Expressing them through abstract painting as a means of accessing the subconsciousness,

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Friday, April 12, 2019   
Art / Science / Climate Change Talk: Ecological Grief and Optimistic Nihilism   
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THE Hub (Old Famous Footwear) Ward Center

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