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Mindfully curated experiences for the globally conscious palate through intimate gatherings with the intention of honoring the sacred feminine/masculine via meeting of the minds, creative circles, cyphers & collaborations with guest creatives.

Hive Mindfulness
Beelieve Hawaii & Island Beekeper are Atlas Tea + Apothecary’s celebrated features for the month of April 2019, in honor of Earth Day. Jasmine Joy is a bee priestess, conservationist, mentor and owner of Beelieve Hawaii. Her offerings include pollinator education, beekeeping mentorship, small group apiary tours, seasonal sun & moon ceremonies and removal of feral honey bee colonies. She takes us into a Bee Breath Meditation and presents on the topic of Bee Harmony as a metaphor; a recipe for a healthy, dynamic and thriving community. This session also includes a honeycomb tasting.

Flower Medicine
Healing & Flowers - Floral art installation
Laura Cho-Stutler is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Lulu’s Lei + Bouquets on the North Shore. After several years of visioning, Lulu opened her shoppe in 2017. Lulu’s celebrates traditional and modern designs, offering a fresh, sophisticated, and organic perspective. Lulu offers a signature floral design to light up the Atlas pop-up location, designed by Arch Hawaii. *Lulu’s Lei + Bouquets is also pleased to join Bloomingdale’s Mix Masters fashion campaign this Spring 2019.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019   
Atlas Tea + Apothecary Presents a Creative Medicine Tea Party   
Right/Now Pop-Ups    
The Hub (Old Famous Footware) Ward Center - Womb Womb Room

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