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Machines, manipulations, magic and more! From far beyond the Ort cloud comes a circus like no other. Powered by imagination and steam, Dr. Dodgy’s Intergalactic-Auto Mechanical Circus blends Big Top tricks and Augmented Reality to bring you wonders from the outer edge of the universe. Inspired by encounters on his search for the meaning of life, Dr. Dodgy and his machinations have crafted an experience to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike. Be prepared when his rocket ship touches down in your home town, by downloading the app and bringing your handheld communicators (iphone/android/compatible device) to the show. For a full list of compatible devices and how to get the app visit During the performance certain elements will ONLY be visible with the app, though the show can be enjoyed without the augmented reality enhancement. Bring a friend and see circus in a whole new way.

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Augmented Reality Circus

Warnings: Family Friendly. 8+

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