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A Gathering of Mothers who are also Dancers and Dancemakers

Originally conceived by a half dozen pregnant dancers and a choreographic breastfeeding inquiry by Mareva Minerbi. Mama Ensemble brings mothers who are also dancers and dancemakers together for a 2nd gathering in Fringe 2019. Mama Ensemble II: The Motherload includes new choreographers collaborating with the ensemble; a jam with babies and toddlers onstage; and a trail of playdate/rehearsal meetings among dancers, dancemakers, and their children all over the city...are we edgy if we have been kicked out of multiple rehearsal venues? We think so and you will, too. Our process concludes with the knitting together of a community and the sharing of a public performance with you! Mama Ensemble arrived at a critical point for Honolulu’s dancers and dancemakers, when 13 dancers citywide found themselves simultaneously pregnant, and subsequently with babies...and now with toddlers...yet we have chosen to make this a string of moments of aesthetic innovation grounded in the experiences of a community of dancers who are also mothers. We envision this gathering as a starting point for future dance initiatives on motherhood. To realize our vision this Fringe, we have engaged a diverse set of partners, including mothers from the acrobatics and pole dancing community, modern and postmodern dance moms, parents from the Filipino dance community, street and urban dance specialists, an elite ballroom couple, and burlesque and cabaret oficionados, all reflecting on the mess, the overload, and the terrific moments that comprise motherhood. Please join us for our 2nd permutation in Mama Ensemble II: The Motherload.

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Various Dance Genres

Warnings: Nudity, Live Breastfeeding Onstage

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