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Using an overhead projector, & a laptop stage, Storyteller Jeff Gere tells tales with shadow puppets (using all kinds of cut-outs & collages). Italian folktales, Arabian Night tales, an odd Jewish tales, & Chinese ghost tales all come out of the dark to dance before you. In the end, they fade away, just like a story. It is a rare pleasure to see shadows dance with words. Jeff is just back from tours in Taiwan & Japan. Stories most suitable for older children (and parents.)

Though this is a Family Friendly show, the tales are best suited to older children & their parents. Folktales are often sophisticated ways to speak of life, and often use odd & troubling characters & situations which can be violent. Parental Supervision is suggested.

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Shadow Puppets

Warnings: PG 10+ . And young kids have enjoyed the images regardless of the tale.

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